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“Screenwriting is a craft but it is also personal, a way of seeing the world, a state of mind and an everyday practice. My approach to teaching screenwriting and to course design – implicit in Screenwriting is Filmmaking – has developed out of a writing, directing and storytelling practice informed by theory and the relationship between film and all the other arts. Filmmaking is also a collaborative process, involving discussion, rewriting and the development of craft skills. I was keen in the book to explore the screenwriter’s role in that process and the line between writing, directing and producing.

\”The course I designed and ran at the London Film School and reflected in the book has always been writer-centred and intensely practical. At the same time, it encourages the development of analytical and critical skills, a knowledge of the history of cinema and an understanding of filmmaking as essential elements in a collaborative process. As well as illuminating classical approaches and the historical context, I seek to stimulate alternative approaches to screenwriting through an awareness of different dramaturgical traditions.”

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Brain Dunnigan with MAS graduates

Brian teaching a screenwriting workshop in Taiwan; and with a group of graduates from his MA Screenwriting course at LFS, including, at the back, Gonzalo Maza, Oscar-winning screenwriter of A Fantastic Woman.

Praise for the MA Screenwriting course at the London Film School

Taking a year out to study at LFS was the best decision I have made.
CLYDE HARRIS, graduated 2015 

I can barely think of a teacher in my life who has really opened my eyes… Yet again, you bring something to make me feel and think deeply about what it is to be human.

I wouldn’t be half the writer I am now without my time at LFS, so thank you.

It was always a pleasure to work in your department and I had such a great time with the space that you gave me on the course. It was a vital part of my own development as a teacher so I thank you for that.
ELLIS FREEMAN (Head of Screenwriting, DFFB Film School, Berlin)